Minggu, 11 Juli 2010

give me up

perasaan mkn hari mkn ga karuan aja, gatau kenapa. mls sms,mls ngelucu,mls apalagi tau byk-_-yg pasti gw ud mls sm sft2 lo yg kyk gt. whtvr lah kl lo bc ini. mau....tp bingung ngmng nya. ayolah,knp sih trs2an bgn. aaaaaa bingung2. maybe,someday i can to take it, and make mine. may be.... and someday...
but, really, am so tired to waste my time with you. im sorry, i must saying that. im not the best, yes.. believe it. always try, but i cant :(
no one who understands what i feel now. i hope it will be over. quickly quickly and quickly.

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